“Between the wish and the thing, the world lies waiting.”

                                      – Cormac McCarthy

In a world filled with so many beautiful things, it’s easy to sit idly by. To wait and wish that someday your life can be picture perfect, too. But, you see, just sitting there wishing your life away isn’t going to change a damned thing, it’s time to stand up and make something of your own lovely life.

Hello, my name is HK. I’m a twenty-something, house-wifing, crazy-cooking, craft-procrastinating, tag sale-hunting, jadeite-loving, adventure-having, goofball. Most days you can either find me falling asleep in class or floating around Lake Monroe with my darling dogs and super handsome husband. The plans I have for this space are pretty general, I am hoping to go the “lifestyle” route since I am not a specialist in any one thing, in fact, I am still trying to figure out who/what I am at 27 years old. So far I can cook a damn good meal, bake a variety of delicious things that I should not be eating, and I can shop better than anyone I know. Let’s see where that can take me…


Hello, world.


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